How It Works

This is a HOME DELIVERY DELI,  so all our food is delivered COLD, ready to be quickly reheated or eaten as it is!

Our food is always made from scratch, so we need the time to go shopping, cook and deliver. If you have any particular dietary needs, you are more than welcome to get in touch and we will do our best to find a suitable option.

We have two different sections with different products, offers and delivery times.  Each section requires its own registration. Feel free to choose the one that suits your needs best or register on both.


Order within 23,59 , monday to friday, to get your dinner on the next day (last delivery on saturday night).
You can choose one of these three delivery slots: 17-18 /18-19 /19-20


Order within 9 in the morning, from monday to friday, to get your lunch on the same day (last delivery friday lunch time).
You can choose one of these three delivery slots: 11-12 /12-13 /13-14

Please go to the covered areas page to check if your area is covered. Lunch Service and Deli has the same  areas. Anyway, if you live outside our “core” area, please, do not hesitate to send us an email at we will be glad to arrange a different solution for you!



As we care about you and we want you to feel valued and appreciated, in this new website we have a point-based system.

We think that a digital rewarding system is more effective than the point cards normally given by take aways or pizza deliveries: they make your wallet heavy and they can be easily be lost. We want to make your life easier! Points expire after 45 days from the date they are earned.

here’s how it works:

Every customer that signs up will receive 1500 DELI or LUNCH points as a welcome in our new website (Old customers as well!).

And then:

Every pound you spend = 150 DELI POINTS or LUNCH POINTS

Every product review you’ll leave: 600 DELI or LUNCH POINTS

You can redeem your points at the checkout whith this change:

Redemption: 1500 POINTS= 1 POUND

You can find your detailed points history in your MyDeli or MyLunch page

Points expire after 45 days from the date they are earned.


Please feel free to contact us for any further information about our food, for particular dietary needs, for any suggestions or just to tell us what you think about this service! We will be pleased to answer as soon as we can! You can contact us at or you can use the form in the contact page!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your tour at Gabriele’s Family Food!
Gabriele & Michela